Conditional helper

If helper

The conditional helper must start with an if block, followed by the condition, {{#if condition}}, where condition is a valid rust expression (otherwise an error will be thrown). Inside an if block, users can use as many else if statements as they want and one else statement to create basic logic in the template, without using #, for example, {{else}} or {{else if condotion}}. In order to close the if block, following the helper syntax, {{/if}} is used.

{{#if isLiked}}
{{else if isSeen}}
  Sorry ...

In the example above if variable isLiked is interpreted as true, Liked! will be parsed. If isLiked is interpreted as false and isSeen as true then Seen!, otherwise Sorry... will be shown. So having conditional around your HTML code is as intuitive as it should be.

Unless helper

The unless helper is equivalent to a negated if statement, for that reason, negated unless statements are not allowed and error will be prompt.

{{#unless isAdministrator-}} 
  Ask administrator.